Our Story

Cookiie Pie Co offers stylish, comfort solutions for little humans, age 3 and under.

Nurtured from the seed of a simple idea –  to empower new parents with a mobile, active lifestyle, while promoting a strong bond with their little one.. The most common hiccup in a new parents’ life is the sudden change of independence status. We understand that the solutions parents have for it are hard, be it, leaving a new baby in someone else’s care, or carrying a bulky travelling set. The fantastic solution we envisaged to the problem was BABYWEARING, where baby can enjoy safety of comfort and closeness to the caregiver while the caregiver enjoys the freedom that comes with it.

In keeping with that thought, we at Cookiie Pie Co., started our journey in October 2014, with a modest but a gorgeous collection of well designed ring slings and for parents looking for an alternative to the limited choice for infant accessories, we created a stunning range of safe headbands. The two amazing products, quickly caught on and, in the parenting world, Cookiie Pie Co soon became synonymous with comfort, quality and the innovative babywearing products.

After consolidating a position as a trusted brand, we followed its success with the introduction of the ever popular Cookiie Soft Structured Carrier, Teethers, Sensory toys, Swaddlers, Full sleeved weaning bibs, Droolers and Dainty hair Accessories establishing comfort, safety and innovation as its primary attributes.

We are also proud that our modest little business is able to support skilled local Indian artisans in the process of making our products. And because of how closely we are connected with the production process right from designing it to getting a physical trial product ready, we are able to offer a world class experience for you. Our dear users. With our solid team of craftsmen, studio manager, weavers, production helpers and all the people who help even a little bit getting a Cookiie product ready for your baby, we are able to create a strikingly beautiful, safe and comfortable product at a very affordable cost. With this in mind, we steadily gain momentum with each new product we innovate and offer to your baby.

Our Values

We know your children are your little prince and princesses. They are no less of royalty for us as well! Every product that leaves our workshop is tailored, not just to look good but to be comfortable and safe while making your life easier.

For us at Cookiie Pie Co, we recognize the importance of nurturing memorable moments with your family and that is why our team is dedicated to promote and provide safe, comfortable and innovative solutions to make everyday life with your little ones a productive medium to bond, play and learn while making wonderful memories all through!

Cookiie Pie Co is inspired by personal experiences of a parent and constantly evolving ideas from new parents. Innovation at Cookiie Pie Co is ever resilient to incorporate the predilections of new parents of current generation all over the world.

We aim to make life simpler for caregivers with our products so that with your new baby, you can focus only on happy family times. Getting a hug from your little one has never been easier, thanks to our products. And so our mantra goes –  WEAR A HUG!

Our Products

Cookiie Pie Co., is exclusively focused on delivering premium, comfortable and yet functional products, innovatively tailored especially for the age group of 0-3 years. We understand your baby’s comfort requirements and deliver just that in ergonomic products. Have a look at our product to know more about how we deliver comfort, safety and innovation. All of this and more to come, one hug at a time

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