What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major debit / credit cards and net banking services for Indian orders and for international orders we accept all credit cards.  Alternatively, you can also do a cash or a bank transfer. We do not offer COD currently.

Does Cookiie Pie Co Ship internationally?

Ofcourse we do ship worldwide. We charge a very nominal fee for the same. This fee does not include any customs duty or other taxes the destination country may apply on the order. But we do ensure all documentation is present with the order to avoid any inconvenience to you on arrival. You can place an order online right away from your country and make the payment in dollars. In case you do not see your country listed in the shipping list, do reach out to us on engage@cookiiepieco.com or Whatsapp us on +91 9820464558 and we’ll help you out.

I wanted to exchange something I ordered. Is that possible?

Cookiie Pie Co  has a straightforward 15 day return policy. We accept products sold from our site for direct exchange only. If you are not satisfied with the product you may exchange it for a product of equal value and the exchange is subject to right here.

How long will it take for my order to reach me?

Generally, we try to process and ship our orders within 24 hours if placed on a weekday. We ship with our logistics partner DTDC and Speedpost depending on the address and it takes about 24-48 hours to deliver within Mumbai. Orders across India take about 2-5 days for delivery from when we ship out. Express Shipping across India takes about 24 – 56 hours typically depending on city or town. International shipping is always done through Indiapost and it takes about 7 – 12 days for delivery. Once order is placed, we send out an email with the tracking information so your can follow the arrival of your beloved Cookiie Pie Co order.

Can you help me with a query I have about another product on this website?

Sure ! If you require any assistance in placing the order, you can call or WhatsApp us on +91 9820464558. Our support team will be happy to get you started.

I’m interested in stocking your products in my store. How do I go about it?

As a growing brand in babywearing and baby products, we are always happy to touch new horizons. Please fill up this form here or connect with us to enquire about becoming a retailer / distributorship in your country for our products at engage@cookiiepieco.com.  Allow us approximately 2 weeks to get back though. Also kindly understand, we may not be able to reply to every email.  We will keep your information on file for any future opportunities though!

What is babywearing and why should I wear my baby instead of carrying her?

Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or in another form of carrier. Babywearing has been practiced for centuries around the world including India and is fast gaining popularity due to its ever increasing benefits to babies and parents alike. There are just too many advantages for babywearing. To touch on a few points:

– It is super practical giving you both hands to go about your day.  You go hands free!

– It is easier and safer than carrying your baby in your arms as you may get tired holding baby constantly.

– Researchers found that babies who are regularly worn cry 43% less and are happier smarter babies.*

– Wearing can help soothe babies with reflux, colic and help develop their physical, mental and social skills.

– Promotes breast feeding indoors and outdoors.

– Encourages parent attachment and bonding.

– Babywearing newborns help regulate their body temperature faster. It also stimulates bonding and oxytocin hormones in our bodies keeping Post Natal Depression at bay.

–  Wearing babies keep away unwanted interaction and touch from strangers decreasing the chances of newborns being affected by infections.

All these and so many more as you progress in your babywearing journey with us.

*Hunziker UA, Garr RG. (1986) Increased carrying reduces infant crying: A random-ized controlled trial. Pediatrics 77:641-648

I have a weak back. Can I still wear my baby?

Research has shown that a good ergonomic carrier distributes the weight of the baby all across your torso so as to reduce pressure on any one part of the body.  A well designed carrier should not cause you any kind of discomfort while wearing  your lill precious. Cookiie SSC and Ring slings are designed to be ergonomic and hold baby in her natural seating position with no discomfort to you or baby. Incase you have a medical condition related to your back, you may want to get a clearance from your doctor to be able to hold baby in your hands without adding pressure to your back or spine. If anything, babywearing only has benefits and advantages for a growing baby and your family.

I see testers floating around all the time. What are those? Can I try?

We have a handful of influencers and trial testers who we refer to whenever we want our new trials to go for a spin. They offer us ample constructive feedback and revision ideas if any + loads of quality photos. If you are a proactive babywearer for more than 8 months now, have used more than 3 carrier types and new fabric weaves and carriers coupled with exclusive discounts on all our products excite you enough to squeal and do a jig, you could be one to test our newest releases also. Write in to us at engage@cookiiepieco.com and we’ll get you started if you fit into our requirement.

How do I get to try on your carriers before I buy one?

To start off with, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We have our trial carriers stocked at most City Sling libraries. You could get in touch with them to be able to try on one. The following libraries have Cookiie SSC’s for trial.

– Coimbatore Sling Library

– Gurgaon Sling Library

– Bangalore Birthing Network and Sling library

– Chennai Sling Library

Now and then we do have contests coming up as well. And alternatively, we also have our Travelling Hug Project doing the rounds every couple of months. In that you get to try on and host our different carriers for about 5 days. Please do check out our WEAR A HUG FAMILY page on Fb to find out if you can still enlist yourself.

Which carrier to go in for… Ring sling or Soft Structured Carrier?

Currently the carriers we have on offer are the ready to wear, convenient Cookiie Ring sling and the all terrain, fuss free Cookiie Soft Structured Carrier in 2 Sizes.

The Cookiie ring sling is a versatile, one shouldered carrier which is great for newborns as well as toddlers for quick ups and downs and convenient to carry in your diaper bag even. It can be worn for shorter durations and you may need to switch the sling to the other shoulder at times being a one shouldered carrier.  With just a few tries, you should get to know the adjustments fairly fast and easy. One size fits all adult body frames and can be used to carry babies from birth upto their toddler years.

The Cookiie SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) is a two shouldered Carrier which can be worn for a long duration and is generally comfortable and adjustable  to all adult frames and sizes. Cookiie SSC  has 2 different sizes for different age groups, the STANDARD to be used from birth uptil toddler years and the TODDLER size which can be used from when baby is a toddler onwards.  Both carriers offer the same function – Wearing a hug at all times but they both have different structures, functionality, features and benefits. We would advise you to look at the carrier which best suits your lifestyle and will offer you comfort in the long term.

From When can I wear my baby in the Cookiie Soft Structured Carrier?

The STANDARD Sized Cookiie Carrier is designed for use with newborns from birth right from 8 LB / 3.6 KG typically 2 weeks (with Cookiie Pillow Insert )


Babies weighing  5.5 KG / 3.5months (With integrated minifyer) up to 22 KG typically around 4 years.. The dimension of the Standard Cookiie is designed to comfortably carry babies up to 2.5 years though weight wise it could carry more. After baby grows out of the standard Cookiie SSC, One could upgrade to a bigger toddler Cookiie SSC.

What is the difference between the Cookiie standard and toddler size?

The features remain the same for both sizes but the dimensions are very different meant to fit smaller and older babies respectively.

Standard size Cookiie SSC measures approx 15”x16” and 10” when the minifyer is cinched. This size is great to carry babies right from birth onwards uptil 2.5 years.

Toddler size Cookiie SSC measures 18”x19” and does not have a minifyer as this is designed to carry babies only from 18 month onwards right uptil baby is comfortable being worn.

What is a Minifyer and why do I need it?

Minifyer is a unique feature  in the Cookiie SSC that makes the carrier adjustable for smaller babies weighing 5.5 kg onwards. This shortens the width of the carrier so that baby can be supported comfortably and ergonomically in an M position. This position is the optimal position for babies when beibng carried or worn on the body.

Does the weight or size of the person (petite/plus size/very tall/short) wearing a Cookiie Soft Structured Carrier matter?

Not at all. Any parent can wear the Cookiie as it is adjustable to all sizes.  The waistband strap extends from 29 inches – 50 inches. The Underarm straps extend a further 16 inches each and the Easy Strap Adjusters (ESA) at the top of the carrier body allows 2-3 inches adjustment as well for a customized fit. In addition to all this, the arm straps can be crossed when front carrying to provide a more snug fit. One size fits all so daddies wear your baby too!

My baby is just born. Does The Cookiie SSC offer neck support for my baby?

Babies are in a constant developmental growth phase – physically and mentally. Till the time, your baby is unable to hold her head up by herself independently, the neck should be supported at all times. When baby is in the Cookiie SSC (Standard Size) ensure the top edge of the body panel reaches uptil baby’s back of the head and mid ear level by positioning baby to achieve this position. Newborn babies are worn in the Carrier with the help of the Insert and so the body panel may be taller than some babies. Fold over the top edge of the Hood panel when wearing newborns at all times to monitor airway.

What is a Cookiie Insert and do I need one for my baby?

The Cookiie Pillow insert is needed only for newborns from 8 LB / 3.6KG upto upto 14 LB / 6KG. If your baby weighs 5.5 KG+, you can easily wear baby with the help of the integrated Minifyer – a feature to adjust the Cookiie SSC for smaller babies. The Cookiie SSC grows with your baby!

Can you use the Cookiie Insert in a Toddler Cookiie SSC? Can I use it with any other brand?

No, the infant insert can only be used with a standard sized Cookiie SSC and the insert has been designed specifically for the Cookiie Standard SSC dimensions. We do not recommend using it with any other carrier for safety and comfort reasons. If you are concerned about getting the maximum utility out of the carrier you will buy for baby right now, we assure you that a standard size will last baby easily uptil 2 or 2.5 years approx. The toddler size will be just too big for babies smaller than 18 months to be comfortable in.

Why do I need an insert… can’t I simply use a rolled blanket instead?

A rolled blanket or towel will simply not provide the same safety and comfort level as the Cookiie pillow Insert which has been specifically designed taking into consideration the dimension and structure of the Cookiie Standard SSC. When used in conjunction with the insert, the carrier elevates the height of the newborn baby in the carrier, provides adequate side support so as to avoid slumping which is the biggest safety concern with all small babies and give consistent base support for baby to be positioned in a natural spread Squat Position. Raising baby’s height, can help the caregiver to position baby’s airway and monitor it constantly to be in open position which is a priority when wearing newborns.

Would I be able to nurse while using the Cookie Carrier?

Yes you can loosen the shoulder straps and lower the waist and use the hood in order to breastfeed on the go discreetly. Actually, did you know that moms who regularly baby wear are twice as likely to successfully breastfeed?

How many ways can I use the Cookiie Carrier?

The Cookiie offers 3 ergonomic carrying Positions – Front, Back and Hip carry. Please review your instructions for more information.

Can I wear my baby in a outward facing position in the Cookiie SSC?

Cookiie SSC does not offer an outward facing carry position. Outward facing carry is not advised for various reasons. Outward facing carriers may overstimulate babies making it difficult for them to relax and be comforted. Outward facing carriers may exert pressure on a caregiver’s back as the centre of gravity is farther than when baby is worn inwards, facing you This also creates an unnatural arching of the baby’s spine for an extended time which is not advisible by babywearing experts and practitioners.. Cookiie SSC does offer a more comfortable and secure option of Back Carry or Hip Carry. These carries are easy to wear and can be checked out here.

From what age can I carry my baby in the back carry position?

This really depends on you and your babies comfort level. We highly recommend you to back carry only when baby is able to sit unsupported and can control her neck movements on her own which may be anytime between 8 months – 10 months. Parents with heavier babies sometimes start back carrying earlier as it can be more comfortable to carry a heavier baby on your back than on your front.

Where should I position my waistbelt?

The positioning of the waistbelt is actually a very personal choice but we recommend that when wearing newborns or smaller babies the waist belt should be positioned higher on the stomach almost, so baby is close enough to monitor the airway at all times. For older babies, the waistbelt can be positioned lower on the hip or waist to be close as well as to avoid bumping into your chin. With frequent use, we find that you will discover your sweetspot for wearing the waistbelt at just the right comfortable level. At all times, the waistbelt should be worn snug and comfortable. Neither too tight nor too loose.

Where should I wear my Back Strap Buckle and the chest strap buckle? Are they different?

The Back strap buckle also called as the chest strap buckle when worn in different positions should be ideally positioned between your shoulder blades and within your hands reach. Any higher on your neck and it may give the wearer a cramp or neckache. If worn any lower, the arm straps may slip off the shoulders and not provide adequate support and comfort for carrying baby.

How do I wash the Cookiie SSC and Insert?

We recommend only spot cleaning as needed. To extend the durability and new feel of your Cookiie Carrier, Washing is recommended only if necessary. When washing the Cookiie Carrier, use cold water, on delicate cycle and hang to dry. Do not leave to soak. The Cookiie Pillow Insert can be handwashed and left to dry.

How long can I use the carrier?

The Cookiie Soft Structured Carrier is a versatile Carrier to invest in as it’s one that will last you right from the time your little one is born uptil her toddler years. Cookiie features and dimensions allow comfort and equal snugness throughout the growing years. And you can use it as long as baby is comfortable being carried.

Does the carrier have a sleep hood to support baby’s head if he or she falls asleep in the carrier?

The Cookiie Carrier has an integrated breathable 100% Cotton Sleeping hood generously sized at about 9×12” to provide just the right privacy for when the little bub rests on you.

Is the carrier suited for warms weather conditions? Will it get warm for baby?

Any baby carrier will get warm and is to be considered as an additional layer of clothing for babies. With that, it is recommended to dress baby lightly, in warmer conditions and you can carry an extra blanket for colder or controlled conditions.  Cookiie SSC’s are made of canvas, cotton twill or linen fabric to ensure the durability of carrying a baby upto 25 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ KG. and has been designed keeping in mind our Indian weather conditions with breathable Cotton throughout.

I have narrow shoulders and my husband has wide body frame. Will a Cookiie SSC fit both of us?

Cookiie SSC has the option of crossing the arm straps behind the back when wearing baby in front carry. This gives a closer, tighter fit for smaller babies in case the wearer has a small body frame such as yours. So cross carry or crossed arm straps for yourself and wearing arm straps the regular way for a caregiver with wider body frame can be achieved simply by detaching and crossing or uncrossing the arm straps. In this type of crossing the arm straps, the back strap buckle does not need to be engaged.

I lost my back strap Buckle. Can I get it replaced?

We will be able to replace the lost part at a nominal fee for you. And to begin with, we advise that all buckles should be clipped when the carrier is not in use. If you are looking for replacement parts, please contact us at +91 9820464558.

I am unsure if I can wear baby the right way. Can you help?

Being new to babywearing and with an impatient baby in your arms, wearing a new carrier may take a few tries. But trust us, the effort you put in is minimal for the benefits you will receive once you start wearing that hug! We always advise our babywearers to try wearing baby when she is well fed and in a happy, content playful mood. Give her a favourite toy to keep her distracted while you wear her or secure here correctly and immediately step out for a walk. Singing and swaying while strapping on the carrier also works wonders with curious little ones. Keep trying for a few minutes whenever you can and baby will also settle into the practice of being worn close to your heart.

Our support team takes great pride in hand holding new babywearers through the initial few tries. So order your Cookiie Carrier, strap it on, watsapp us a picture or call us on +919820464558  and we will happily guide you in wearing your hug the correct, secure way.

Can I use my Cookiie SSC if I am pregnant?

Congratulations! Its an amazing experience to welcome another little human into your family. Different cultures offer varied recommendations and advice for carrying weights when pregnant. But unless your prenatal doctor or obstetrician has asked you to refrain from physical activity or has medical concerns regarding the pregnancy it is very much convenient to wear your older baby when pregnant. Infact, wearing your baby during pregnancy would offer an excellent bonding and introducing baby to the little one in tummy experience. But, we surely recommend running this by your doctor to rule out any pregnancy issues related to picking up weights when you are expecting.

I think my baby’s legs are uncomfortable when being worn with the Minifyer in the carrier. What should I do?

Ensure that you are following the specific positioning instructions as advised in the manual or videos.  Baby’s legs need to be in a Spread Squat position at all times when seated as that offers a natural rest position for baby’s legs. Also ensure that baby’s weight rests on her bottom and not on the legs when being worn with the Cookiie Pillow Insert.  Smaller babies, typically under 3.5 months are uncomfortable spreading their legs. So if baby is under 3.5 months  and still showing discomfort at the legs being positioned around you, you may want to continue using the insert for some more days till baby shows readiness for the Minifyer adjustment.

Is babywearing with the Cookiie SSC safe?

Absolutely! The Cookiie SSC meets rigourous ASTM F2236-14 safety standards and all parts and fabric used in making our carriers are baby-safe and made in a pet-free, smoke- free environment.

What is the Cookiie Carrier warranty?

Cookiie Pie Co warrants its Soft Structured Carriers against any defects in material or workmanship for 12 months. Our products are individually handmade and not mass produced and so they may have slight nuances or differences in their creation. This would not affect their intended use or void any safety feature. Proof of purchase is necessary and product must be returned for warranty servicing.

The 1 year warranty covers –

– Hardware and material webbing, buckles, snaps or defective fabric.

– Defective Craftsmanship on the product / broken buckles / torn stitches.

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser of the product which was sold by an authorized retailer.

Warranty does not extend to damages which arise from negligence, misuse, alteration or wear and tear not in accordance with the product instruction. Warranty does not extend to carriers purchased second hand, unauthorized retailers  or to carriers modified from its original structure or construction in anyway.

Why Cookiie?

Simply because Cookiie Carriers are made for you and by you. We have done some intensive research and taken into consideration feedback and recommendations from a lot of baby wearers on their expectations. And we put them all in our carriers! The result is right here to offer. Cookiie Baby carriers are designed to position your baby ergonomically and naturally ensuring complete support and comfort for you as well as you carry baby. Benefits of babywearing far surpass those of holding baby in your arms. Cookiie carriers adds to the advantages with 3 different carry positions for your baby, wearable from birth – toddler and comes in fun happy designs sure to garner loads of attention towards you. We are also proud that our business is able to support local skilled Indian artisans and modest segments of our society in the process of making our products. And consequently, we are also able to offer a safe, comfortable and innovative quality product because of how closely connected we are with the production process and our customers. With our solid team of craftsmen, Studio Manager, weavers, photographer and all the people who help even a little bit getting a Cookiie product ready for your baby, we are able to create a strikingly beautiful, safe and comfortable product at a very affordable cost.

Why Wrap?

A wrap is easily the most versatile of all carriers. It can fit all adult sizes, used in many positions, fits all babies from birth to toddler and has a high snug factor. A wrap offers a very customized fit to the caregiver. Though it does come with a learning curve, with a bit of basic understanding and practice, wrapping your baby would be the easiest of all baby carriers.

Why are there irregularities in my Wrapchic Wovens?

You may see some kind of weaving irregularities in you r handwoven products. This is because handwovens go through a manual, labourious process and sometimes it takes days to create that perfect fabric just right for wearing your bub. Handwoven wraps are a labour of love, just like your precious baby. In the process of weaving by hand, it is not unusual to see some slubs, nubs and weavers knots or thread uneveness on them. This is carefully done by the weaver to ensure what you get as the end product is of premium quality with that personal human touch. These normal fabric features add character and result in truly unique hand made fabrics and do not affect the safety of our products at all.

How do I care for my handwoven wrap?

Cotton and Cotton -linen blends can be machine washed in and tumbled dried too. Use a gentle detergent with no bleach or optical brighteners. A steam iron can be used if desired. Cotton – Wool and Cotton-silk blend wraps should be hand-washed with a gentle soap and hung to dry. Do not wring or twist.

What size should I get?

Which wrap size  you choose to wrap is depends entirely on your whim. And well, partially on the carry you would like to attempt along with your body frame. The versatility of a woven wrap as a carrier lies in the fact that there are so many carries you can do with one single wrap. Following is an approximate recommendation for most body types. Most new wrappers having an average body frame start with a standard sized wraps which is a size 6 allowing for most carries.

Size 1 – 2.2 meters

Size 2 – 2.7 meters

Size 3 – 3.2 meters

Size 4 – 3.7 meters

Size 5 – 4.2 meters

Size 6 – 4.7 meters

Most first time wrappers start with a wrap longer than size 4 that can be used for multi-layer carries. Though it comes with a learning curve, wrapping is a very gratifying experience which improves the wrapping skills with experience.

When can I start wearing baby in a Cookiie Ring Sling? Does the sling have a neck support?

You can wear a baby in a ring sling right from birth onwards starting at around 8 LB / 3.6 KG. Newborns should be worn high and snug on your chest at all times keeping in mind the ABC’s of babywearing.

Airway – Ensure baby’s airway is open and clear at all times by keeping chin off chest.

Body Positioning – Baby’s body should be positioned in a way where the knees are higher than the bottom and seated in a natural, ergonomic position. No slumping.

Comfort – The carrier should be primarily comfortable for you and baby.

With all these important rules taken care of, baby can we worn from birth to toddler comfortably in a ring sling.

For additional support, you can twist the tail of the Cookiie Sling and roll it into the top edge of the ring sling behind baby’s neck to provide a comfortable neck support.

What are Cookiie ring slings made of? Do they need to be broken in?

All Cookiie ring slings are made of the softest, lightest superior double layer of cotton fabric. Some Cookiie slings in the Tender Touch Collection are made of a lighter Mal fabric as well. Both these materials are butter soft to touch right out of the box and you do not need to break it in or put it for several washes to soften them up. Experience luxury rightaway.


How long can I use them for?

Tula Ring Slings are approved from use from 8 LB / 3.6 KG upto to 34 LB / 15 KG.

Is there a size variation in Cookiie Slings? How long is it?

We have a standard Sling length for all users. This can be used for most body frames and sizes allowing for even back carry comfortably. With the front an hip carry, the tail is usually long enough to be used as a sun cover / nursing cover or a head rest if rolled behind baby’s neck. Cookiie ring slings have a ready tailored length of 2.5 metres which comfortably allows for most carries.

Are your Ring slings one sides only?

Cookiie Ring slings are designed to be reversible and can be worn on either shoulder comfortably.

Do I need two different sizes in slings to wear my newborn and toddler?

A ring sling is a very versatile carrier. It allows the caregiver to wear the smallest of babies right upto a preschooler comfortably as the fit is customized once you place baby in the sling and adjusted according to your preference.

How do I wash the Cookiie Sling?

Cookiie Slings come prewashed and ready to use  soft right out of the box. After using it for a duration, if you feel the need to wash it, you can wrap a baby sock or fabric around the aluminium rings and put it for a delicate cold wash. The tiny sock over the rings are advised to prevent the metal rings striking against the machine drum and to prevent any damage too. To dry, the sling may be hung out in air.

I feel adjusting the Sling is difficult. Am I doing something wrong?

Wearing a ring sling does have a minor learning curve but with frequent use and experience, a ring sling offers snugness like no other carrier. To start off with, ensure that the comfort pleated structured shoulder of the Cookiie Ring sling cups your shoulder well.  You should also  spread the fabric wide across your back to distribute baby’s weight evenly across your torso. This provides cushiness and takes the weight off your shoulders. Before you place baby in the carrier, ensure that the sling is snug on your body and not loose. There should be just enough space to pass baby’s legs through. This ensures you have lesser adjustments to make once baby is in. Finally, once baby is placed in the carrier, to ensure a deep seat, you can pull up the fabric from between you and baby and under baby’s bottom. All these adjustments go far in positioning baby’s comfortably on your body.

My baby always seems to be positioned low in my sling. Why?

To start off with, the Rings of the Sling should be placed high on your shoulders. Some people even prefer near the collar bone. Before baby is placed in the Sling, ensure that the sling is snug on your body and not loose. There should be just enough space to pass baby’s legs through. This ensures you have lesser adjustments to make once baby is in.

I find baby always tilting to one side more than the other. Does it have something to do with the way I wear her?

While placing baby in the Cookiie Sling, as it is a non structured carrier, you may end up placing baby slightly offcentre than you would like. Adding to this, some babies also like to tilt and turn more towards one side than the other. To prevent all this, it would help to ensure that baby is placed smack in the centre or positioned right after baby is in. You could additionaly hand baby’s favourite toy to the side baby avoids turning to. This may dramatically help the tilting issue in most cases.

Should I place baby’s hands in or out of the Cookiie ring sling?

This highly depends on baby’s age. Babies with independent head control can safely be carried with their arms out. But at all times, the sling fabric should be covering baby’s back right upto their armpits securely.

What are Droolers?

Cookiie Droolers are padded drool pads designed to brighten up your lovely carriers while keeping them safe from stains. As multipurpose fabric  pads that can be clasped around the straps of your baby carriers, stroller straps or practically anywhere that is likely to be drooled and chewed on.

Are the droolers machine washable?

Yes. To wash droolers, simply attach the hook end of the Velcro to the soft loop end to prevent it from snagging other clothes and put it for a hand or gentle machine wash.

Are the droolers reversible?

Cookiie Droolers are not reversible as the toweling fabric we use are of premium quality and are just thick enough to soak drool.

What material are the teething pads made of?

Soft, premium jersey knit cotton with baby safe colors are used for making Cookiie Droolers with fun designs and bright colours. These serve a dual function of catching your teething baby’s saliva and keeping them entertained.

Which carriers can the droolers be used with?

Cookiie Droolers fits your Cookiie SSC’s perfectly!  And in addition to that, it is designed to fit most other commercially available carriers.


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